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    I am purchasing a house. It is approximately 3400 sq. ft. 2 story structure. My plan calls for a separate 2 air conditioning system, a 21/2 ton and 3 ton separate system and my builder wants to install a 5 ton zone control dampening system. I am leary to agree. Would I be making a mistake to agree with such a system? Any suggestions on what I should do.?

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    if new construction i would go with the 2 systems.

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    The zone system is not a bad idea if it is installed correctly they can work great. I would guess that you would have more cost in the zoning system than you would in 2 seperate systems.??
    2 seperate systems are also good, i just recommend that you do not put upstairs system in the attic, make room for it on second floor your hvac person will love you for this when they need to service it.

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    Zoning can be great,most (in our area)are poorly deisgned ,your choice.

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    Look into the and xci controls the top of the line controler. its fast easy and you can even get weekly programable thermostats for a system. xci did their homework the zone matrix dampers are the bets made out there. i put them in a huge addition in boulder and it was so easy and user friendly i try to recomend them to all clients in the long run it will pay for itself in efficiency and comfort. you will actually use the system. lots of homeowners don't program programables-cuz they forget. check them out

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    i would say that most people do not understand zoning, especially in the residential field. zoning widely used in commercial and industrial applications. residential zoning systems are not nearly as sophisticated but most residential people like simple, simple, simple.
    now if your still unsure call a few commercial and industrial companys and find out for sure.
    a zoning system will be less installation costs, lower utilities, cut the cost of service and maintaince by eliminating another system to repair and clean also replace in 10 to 15 years.
    also just becuase 5 people say one thing and one says something else that dont make the 5 right.

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    I would opt for the original plans! Also, I would specify all metal ductwork, no flex, extended plenum design, fully insulated in unconditioned spaces

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