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Thread: Pilot Issues??

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    Pilot Issues??

    I have an 8 year old ventless fireplace (VFGL-24VSP-3) made my Superior. The underground tank was empty all summer and I just had it filled.

    I have a strong blue pilot. But as soon as I hit the wall switch or the switch on the unit to turn on the main burner, the main burner ignites for about 2 seconds and starts going out.

    I have noticed that when the main burner ignites, the pilot light goes out and starts spitting and sputtering, almost like there's air in the line. But without the main burner on, the pilot light is good strong and blue.

    I assume that the pilot light should always stay lit while the main burner is on. But it's not.

    Where would you start to troubleshoot this? Thanks for any help (before I buy a bunch of parts I may not need).

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    If you have a regulator on the line coming from the tank, See if the outlet of the regulator vent is clogged with insect debris, Sometimes a spider can get in there and it will cause an erratic gas pressure. Other then that i would not touch the thing without training and you may hurt yourself, Call a pro before you play with gas and fire.

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    Thanks...I'll check out the regulator.

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    Could be condensation from tank sitting empty. Call a pro to verify pressures. Dont think your into any parts.
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    Well I called the local propane company and they came out and did some troubleshooting and replaced the regulator at the underground tank. That fixed the problem and best of all, since it's their tank, no charge! Thanks for the help.

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