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    Hey gang. My Sparky is doing a job on a light commercial building and is having a little trouble cross-referencing the old heat pump stat with a new VisionPro 8000 heat pump stat that I supplied him with.

    This is what he tells me is there: Executive GE Weathertron unit, with a Weathertron stat that has "aux/normal" heat switching. The W/T stat has the terminals R,W,G,Y,X2,O,B,T,F,U. X2 was jumped to W, so that's telling me X2 is second stage heat, and they were just having both stages come on at the same time?

    T is the other terminal that was used, and the VP has no "T". What is "T", and where would it go on the VP?

    F and U were not being used. BTW What are they for?

    I guess the rest of the terminals are alike, so it's X2,T, F, and U we are not sure of. TIA!!

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    X2 could be a 2nd stage of heat that went through an outdoor stat. According to the Honeywell heat pump cross reference guide, it would be hooked to E on a new stat. T is the outdoor thermistor that worked with the anticipator of the mercury stat. Ignore on a VP. F is fault light, no idea on U.

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    makes sense to me Baldie. All the other terminals should be a direct match. F and U weren't hooked up, so that's an non issue. Many thanks!

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