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    Hello everyone... My first post here in HVAC-TALK. I'm having a new heat pump and air handler installed today. I have a 22 yr old air handler and a mis matched heat pump from the previous owner. I've saved up money and finally found someone that came recommended from a friend that works in the HVAC industry to install a new system for me.

    I have two questions....

    1. I know the brand does not always matter, but does anyone have any comments on the LuxAire Acclimate series?

    2. I ordered a 13 SEER unit and what he delivered yesterday was a 12 SEER or the Acclimate 2S model HJ2A030F1A. Will I notice a difference between that and the 13 SEER model 3S? I'm half tempted to ask him to order the right unit so that if I ever sell my house I can say I have a 13 SEER heat pump installed. But, if there isn't much difference in energy savings then I'll just move forward.

    I'm just a little upset that I ordered something and are getting a different unit for the same price.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

    Oh... This guy did fix our 15 year old heat pump at work that three other technicians couldn't fix so I do have some faith in him already. This isn't the first job he's done for me.



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    I have installed one of the Acclimate series and was greatly impressed. Extremely stable and quiet running outdoor unit. I didn't know you could get that unit in R-22?

    12 & 13 SEER is not much different, I wouldn't worry about that. What I would worry about is if the indoor section has a TXV refrigerant control + Start Kit for compressor.

    Luxaire heat pumps have always done me right.
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    The high end Yorkie stuff is very nice. Now, the 1 SEER point isn't something to lose sleep about but the 2S is R22 and the 3S is R410a. If that matters to you, you better have a chat with him. If you are paying for the 3S it could be more bucks $$$$ than the 2S too!

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    Thanks for the responses! He just told me that he can show me a certified paper from LuxAire that a 12 SEER 2S heat pump with the variable speed air handler will give you 13 SEER. He claims he will produce this paperwork from the LuxAire supplier. He's a good guy so I'm not going to give him a hard time about it.

    We agreed that I wasn't going to convert to R410A because I didn't want to replace my lineset or use a flush kit, so I guess the 2S was the only choice.

    Thanks again guys!

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    Every combination of equipment is different. The hang tag you see (yellow energy guide) only shows the SEER rating of the match with the highest sales volume by law. The highest sales volume is almost always the standard air handler. Odds are he's being straight up with you. He sold you a 13 SEER "system". More often than not, the VS motor picks up a SEER point over the standard motor.

    You can probably post the outdoor model number and the air handler model number on here and someone can look it up.

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