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    Does anybody know of a manufacturer, distributer, etc for residential wall units that heat and cool with water. I used to work in a hotel and thet used them there, but no one I talk to has any idea what I'm talking about. They are basically a small air handeler that fits in the wall with 2 heat exchangers, blower, and zone valve. Any info would be helpful

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    Try First Company, chiller coil and hot water coil.
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    Hmm Power plant

    The Hotel must have had a power plant and the units just provided air over a heating or cooling coil. Or are you talking about a split ductless system?

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    No there were several large boilers and chillers to provide the hot water and cold water. I would like to try this setup for residential if economical and even availble. The water from the chiller usually was around 50-55 degress far, by the time it got to the units and it seemed to work well. My ground water is that temp or I think if I bury coils about 10 ft I should be able to use a closed loop. I'm not sure if I what type of boiler or maybe even an outdoor corn boiler, not sure, shouldn't matter as long as I can get hot water. I know I have a lot of options there. I just would like to find the room units.


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    Any supply house can order you this.

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