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    I'm in the process of having my furnace replaced with a 90+%. I'll be getting quotes from three HVAC contractors shortly and want to gain a little knowledge from you guys.

    My home is a two story and approximately 2,500 sq. ft. My furnace is a Goodman/Janitrol GU125-4 (125,000 BTU standing pilot). House was built in 1991. Overall, I've been satisified with the furnace performace except for the airflow to the master bedroom - it is the furthest room from the furnace. Here are my questions:

    1) Does anyone know the efficiency rating of this furnace?

    2) By going to a 90%, can I get by with a lower BTU furnace? If so, what is the range?

    3) I'm guessing the "-4" in the model is 4 ton. Due to my airflow issue, what are the ramifications if I go to a 5 ton? Thanks!

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    100,000 btu input at 80% efficiency = 80,000 output

    100,000 btu input at 90% efficiency = 90,000 output

    Airflow issues are usually due to ductwork issues, not lack of blower capacity.

    A reputable hvac company should be able to address ALL comfort issues you have.

    Robo will be your best source of information for any questions regarding your present furnace.

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    I am a Rheem dealer & the furnace they sell as a 4 ton furnace here actually has a 5 ton blower. It can be adjusted down by lowering the fan speed but its nice to have the luxury of the extra airflow if needed. Their 90 plus single stage furnace is Model # RGRA-10EZAJS. It is 105,000 btu input & the output is listed at 97,000 btus. That should be equivalent to the heat that you have now.
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    I think, not sure, but I think in 1991 the minimum efficiency was 78%. When it went to 80% standing pilots went away.

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