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    comfort star

    has anyone tried any of their equipment
    one of my suppliers has recently started stocking their units
    & it is really a good looking unit & looks service friendly.
    built in china but most of the mfg. are using chinese parts
    these days. price wise they are a little cheaper but not enough
    to really be concerned about.

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    Have installed several ComfortStar Diamond series ductless heatpumps. No complaints other than the poorly written install manual. No call backs yet.

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    They scare me. Some of the smaller splits use rotary compressors. I'm not ready for that!

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    Ive installed many of the Diamond Series split units myself. I even have one at my home. Only issue I have ever had is with the 18,000 BTU compressor unit. One of every 20 units makes a very strange high pitch noise. My supplier is aware of it and has made the manufacturer aware of it. The ones that have had this noise Ive had replaced under warranty. The noise only happens when the unit is in heating mode. Other then that,,great units. Energy ratings are right up with Fugitsu's and sometimes even higher. All my customers are very happy.

    Heres a little video of noise my compressor unit was making before I replaced it under warranty :

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    I think they are made in China.
    I miss you mom and dad.

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