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    I have a few customers who love the hogs hair filters and cant be talked into anything else.

    I recommend that they be washed monthly and be replaced yearly.

    I also use the wire used to hang suspended ceiling grid as reinforcement and do not recommend any kind of a coating as it defeats the stacking properties of the filter media.
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    I've had hogs hair filters in my own home for the last 5 to 7 years without any problems at all. Blower wheels and motors clean,evap coils clean, duct work clean. If it's junk, then it's good junk . Just clean them monthly and there won't be any problems.

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    The minimum that we use is the Medium Efficiency Pleated Filters. I just dont like those hog hair filters. Its too coarse. And after a coupla washes, it gets very flimsy.
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    Washing hog hair filters does break them down and make them flimsy. I always recommend monthly vacuuming with a once in a while rinsing if they get stacked with dirt.

    I also do not recommend using a filter spray on anything but metallic filters.
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    The lentgh and type of material used for return(duct board or lined duct,compared to bare metal),plus the filter location has a lot to do with how "good ' the filter needs to be.

    When you have ducted returns that are long,and the filter at the indoor unit,a lot of the small particles of dirt/dust will collect in the return duct before ir gets to the filter.

    If you have an indoor unit with a short thru the wall return,more stuff will make it to the filter,so you have more of a need for a better filter.

    Filter grills will not filter any air from duct leaks in the return duct,and all the stuff from the house gos into them.

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    You couldn't

    chase me down and force me to take a hogs hair filter.Worthless as tits on a boarhog.You would have to have a spotless house inorder to use one, and clean the evap coil frequently.Granted they don't harm airflow,due them not stopping alot of particals.A cheapy blue toss-away is better IMO.
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