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    Ceiling registers in the basement

    What would be the good size to go with....

    12x2 1/2
    10x2 1/4
    10x1 1/5

    Basement zone will have 5 x 6" supplies.

    I would like bend diffusers to push hot air down to the floor. Return is 7" from the floor. 12x4 is nice not sure will have static to push air that low.

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    Flip a coin

    Sounds like you have not done your home work yet.

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    Are those the sizes Home Depot sells?

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    are you reading your tape measure correctly?why are you bending the such sizes involving fraction 1/5.

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    Long day, think before you post.... ( Duh! )

    I meant to ask about ceiling boot sizes for 6" supplies.
    a) 2 1/4 x 12
    b) 3 1/4 x 10
    c) 4 x 10
    d) 4 x 12

    First: I have an account with Johnson Supply
    I need to pick up some #820 weyes, so I thought i would pick some boots too.

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    You need the mfrs. data to select the correct size .

    Ask at Johnston.

    Select based on cfms(actual needed if you have a Manual J,velocity(600feet per minute),and the throw(how far the air will travel),plus what is the PD(pressure drop of the register).

    Mfr. may have several types that could be used,selct the best for what you need.

    In general 12X4 sounds like the smallest I'd use for 6" ronud duct.

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