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    GTI 6000 DV Fireplace

    Im having an issue with a fireplace sometimes after a couple hrs the fireplace kicks itself off. i have checked the power pile and im getting food voltage around 550Mv and the valve isnt' stuck at all cause its opening at around 160mV i checked the resistance on the line to the switch and im getting like 0.5ohm. Also sometimes they say when they go to turn it on in the morning it doesn't fire up they leave the switch on then all of sudden at somepoint it works. Any ideas?

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    First of all, this is Not a DIY site so we cannot discuss service details here. If you are a Pro, you can get your post count up then apply for Pro status where we can discuss technical details in the Pro forums.

    If the burner does not light within 4 seconds of making a call for heat, then it is a delayed ignition and the unit should be shut down until corrected.

    FYI, GTI is Heat&Glo so you can contact their Tech Support with the model and serial # and they may be able to offer some help.


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