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    I was wondering if anyone has a solution for vehicle exhaust being drawn into the fresh air intake on a tank hanger,I can't get the tanks moved from the compound where they start them in the morning and charcol filters was suggested for the office area fresh air intake but i was woundering if anyone has another idea. thanks.
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    Is it possible to reloate the Freshair intake? Charcoal
    may help the odor problem to some degree but wont stop co
    or co2 Fresh Air is important for indoor air quality and
    is required by code so I would work towards eliminating
    the exhaust rather than trying to filter it.
    How much vehicle exhaust from what type of engine?

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    If it's just a very brief problem, like 30-45 minutes, and you have a damper and actuator on the intake, then you could wire in a CO (or CO2) detector to fully close down the intake on a predetermined CO (or CO2) concentration at the intake. Kinda Bassakwards from what we'd normally do, eh?
    That'll kill fresh air cooling, if you're using it, so the building will warm up. But it's either fumes and cool, or no fumes but no cool.
    This is just a guess at what might work. I'm not fond of shutting down fresh air - even briefly - but it sounds like it's not really fresh air.

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