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    Looking for a manufacturer of a bracket/platform that is attached to the house foundation. The AC unit sits/rests on the brackets, rather than on the ground. I have seen it new home construction, mostly high-end homes. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Several manufacturers tell you in the install instructions not to do this.

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    we install about 3 hundred of these brackets a year for the new housing market. They are neccessary because if the condensor was placed on the ground, it would shift with ground settlement. I don't recommend using a bracket when there are other alternatives.

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    Most that I've seen will over time nose dive to the groung.

    Which means you have to prop up the front with bricks,(very nice looking)

    Or flat out fall off the foundation.
    Pulling on the lineset and electric whip.

    Install it on the ground. If it needs leved after a yr or 2 so what, once you level them they uaually stay as is.

    How high are you talking, If it's only a foot, ground mount it.

    If it's 3 or 5 then make damn sure they sink those bolts in tight.
    You can go to a metal shop, they make hand make them for you, draw something up 1st
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    Which have you done ?

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    We use Bramec brackets. Bolt to foundation with 3/8 x 3" concrete bolts. Do arond 300 a year also and have never had one fall off except when mounted to brick. Have seen others fall off though.
    Havn't heard of manufactures not wanting them. Whats the reasoning for that?
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    Havn't heard of manufactures not wanting them. Whats the reasoning for that?
    Noise transmission from ODU to structure.

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    Look at the code book

    Then do as you want?

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