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    I have bought a house with hot water baseboard heat.
    I have a Weil McLain Gold CGa boiler but I wish to have a more efficiant model with less of a footprint.

    My goal would be to get a boiler system that could do my heating and my hot water needs possibly with future solar retrofit.

    I also would like to cool the home too, if possible, all in the same unit.

    I have been looking but have not found that dream machine can anyone recommend anything or point me in a direction.


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    Don't know where your from but you might look into a wood fired outdoor boiler which will also do the hotwater; you could valve off the outdoor boiler and use solar in the milder months if you want.

    This would be my choice if money were not an object but can't get the wife to let me do it...the cost to operate would pay for itself in about 2-3 years I am thinking.

    Good luck.

    "I don't care what you could get it off the net for, they wont warranty it and neither will I"!

    And if you don't like my "flat rate up front pricing" try and negotiate the price on that big mac you just bought pricing is exactly the same method!

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    Is it possible to use a tankless water heater to heat a house.

    I have heard of a COMBI boiler but I am unable to find one that actually does both hot water and heat.

    What do you guys think of tankless hot water heaters?? Is the pressure there?

    Ive thought about using a tankless water heater with a high efficiant boiler for heating the home.

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