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    What is the most efficient and cost effective way to wire up an ERV in a residential application? I've got it coming on with the indoor blower. Is this right? Thanks for any help.

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    There are two main groups of ERV's

    Passive - Doesn't have its own fan. It integrates with your existing forced air system

    Active - has a dedicated fan

    You also have other options such as a dessicant wheel.

    There are other means of providing fresh air into a home. One of which are trickle ventilators used in combination with a exhaust system piped from your bathrooms and kitchen.

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    the most effedtive way to run an hrv is to leave the indoor blower and the hrv on all the time. its not very expensive to run because it's supposed to recover most of the heat and get rid of the humidity.

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    A PSC motor on a furnace could use 480 watts an hour in continuos run,( over 600KWH a month) that jacks up the electic bill.

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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