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    I am trying to find out if the UV Light should be installed on the dry side of the coil or the wet side of the coil?


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    uv light

    You install light on dry side above your evaporator or it can be installed in your return as long as your return air flows over it.

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    I am of the opinion it should be on the side that allows the light to bath the water side of the drain pan (above). For instance in an upflow, I would rather see the lamp above the coil so it bathes the entire coil with light and also lights up the drain pan where water may sit. On a counterflow, I would still have it above the coil to do the same thing. IMHO

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    This is Turtle.

    Down stream of air flow to shine back on any air leaving the evaperator coil. Most all germs would be grown in the evaperator coil in that area. Kill everything leaving it.

    If you put a second UV lite , you would put it in the return to kill anything coming in to the furnace area.


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