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    So Thursday - 2 days after they promised to call that Tuesday night, I called into the installer company and asked to speak with the owner. The front desk lady asked what it was about and I responded, "I've had an error for quite sometime and haven't been receiving the responses or urgency from the company I expect." She said she would have him call me back that day.

    Two hours later, the guy from the company that called Tuesday finally called back. Said they had received the new boards in that day...ironic eh? Maybe so. I called back and they wanted to schedule the fix ASAP. Its about time, except I'm busy this week so it will have to wait now.

    Never received a call from the owner, and I am still contemplating calling him just to let him know my experience. Whether its their fault or Trane's, his employees make promises to call customers back quickly, in my case, and they never did.

    I'm not sure if a 'new board' is the same fix as 'the B Model' that Sky Heating is referring to...I had thought SkyHeating's post was referring to a new thermostat. Does a 'new board' mean that?

    How much ya wanna bet they need another (3-4th) reminder on the outlet they didnt install correctly at the Heat Pump?

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    The TSB lists it as a BAY24VRPAC52DA"B" and it is a control module not a Tstat.
    The reason I believe this to be correct is with the 950 you can update the software.

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