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    Question: If you were building a home, which among these 90%+ AFUE boilers would you put in your home?

    1.)Burnham RevolutionII
    2.)Dunkirk QL-series
    3.)Heat Transfer Products Munchkin series
    4.)NTI Trinity-series
    5.)Peerless Pinnacle

    I currently have a SlantFin 82%AFUE unit, and wanted to see if I can lower my energy costs. PLEASE don't tell me to insulate my home first; I'm just interested in professional opinions about the equipment above. Thanks!

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    Then I'm going to perturb you.

    Weil McLain Ultra.

    The munchin, and the pinnacle both need you to get outdoor rest as an option.

    Ultra comes with it.

    Can't coment on the others as I haven't installed, or worked on them yet.

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    My view on 3 or your list. Trinity comes with outdoor reset standard and has greater turndown ratios than Munchkin. Dunkirk has a cast aluminum heat exchanger but does not modulate. You will also find the Dunkirk model under the trade names Carrier, Bryant, Lennox and probably others. Outdoor reset is an aftermarket option for the Dunkirk. My personal choice- Trinity, since Lochinvar Knight was not on your list. NTI products give us unmatched bang for the buck, no need to buy additional controllers (ie- Munchkin Vision, Tekmar or other aftermarket outdoor reset), superb factory support, do not need to pay $$$ more for ASME rating if needed. We get Munchkin, Trinity, Lochinvar Knight from the same source and have installed the first two so far- our supplier provides nothing but excellent service.
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    teledyne laars, Viessman rock! (too bad they're not up there)

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    First, get a new list.

    Take a look at the Buderus GB series wall hung units. 98% effecient, easy, nice and clean.
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