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    I am in the process of designing a chilled water / Unico Hi-velocity system for a large suburban home. The home has very high late morning / early afternoon glazing loads, which then drop off later in the day. THe result is that during cloudy and humid days, the home will need to be more geared towards latent heat removal. I figure a 2 speed system will work well.

    Problem: Unico informed me that the signal to trigger the control board to go to the lower fan speed comes from the thermostat. Only problem is, I don't know of any thermostats, either with a programable temperature range or humidity sensor, that would then send such signal.

    ARe there any thermostats on the market made specifically for 2 speed A/C systems?

    Thanks in advance...

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    never mind.. I see someone just started a similar thread below...

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    Yea, those stats with built in dehumidistat will either send or stop a signal with humidity rise.

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