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    Before I try it, what is anybody's opinion on spraying a light coat of clear coat finish on an evap coil after a good cleaning to beat the d s s? The unit is a 4 yo. package heatpump
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    from what i have read anything less than a "dipped in" coating is a waste of time.

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    if you spray it make sure you leave a clean out access because i'm sure it will help collect dirt.

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    This is Turtle.

    Coating a Evaperator with any type paint is not a good ideal at all. Also you tring to coat the inside areas of the fins would be a big problem and would be just about impossible to get it right.

    Now there is two cures for DSS and they are UV lites and a chemical called Bio-Fresh but sold under different names. Now you can experiment with other cures if you like.


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