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    High wind blows out pilot light

    I'm located in Moore Oklahoma. Having an issue with my Carrier Heater during high winds. Out here we see a steady 10-15mph wind, but when the winds pick up, Usually in the winter, our pilot light is blown out. I noticed that the exhaust gas is being blown down and it is tripping the overheat relay. I looked at our roof and the pipe seems really low. It protrudes about a foot or so off the top of the roof and is located about 6-10 feet from the peak of the roof. It looks to be almost level with the peak. All my neighbors have at least 2 feet of pipe at about the same location (Most houses are the same style house). Should i call a pro out to replace the cap with a high wind one or have the pipe extended? How much do you think this would cost(ball park figure) with the vent being located on the top of the second story of the house?
    Just wanted a few answers so i know what to look for we i call out a technician. Just a little worried because winter is knocking at the door again.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    replace the furnace almost all new furnaces are electronic ignition and do not have a pilot

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    I would do many things. First of all. Call a pro to evaluate your heater. Maybe it has a cracked heat exchanger? If it does not. Then I would raise the flue pipe and put a high wind vent cap on it. No reason to raise it up and then call them back out to put a vent cap on it. No idea how much it will cost. It really all depends on the company you call out.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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    I will call a tech to come and look at it. Thanks for the help.

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