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    I rent a townhouse in a large development. The HVAC unit was replaced approx. 6 months ago in all the townhouses. Recently I noticed decreased airflow so I went to check the filter. I looked around the unit and couldn't find the filter anywhere. I had to take the access panel off the front. The air filter was sitting loose in the bottom of the unit. It was sucked up against the air intake of the blower motor. A hole was worn in the filter from the motor shaft. Initially I though that it was clogged and got sucked loose from it's brackets. Upon closer inspection I noticed there were NO brackets. It was just placed in the unit sitting free. I called maintenance and they acme to the house and looked at the installation. He said that was how it is intalled and there was nothing they could do. I'm thinking to myself that a high school metal shop student could fabricate slides for the filter. I wrote a letter of complaint and took pictures for the rental office. I have heard no response yet. Does this meet code? Shouldn't the filter be secured over the entire air intake of the HVAC housing? Any advice how I could persuade the rental office to fix this right? I live in Maryland if it matters..

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    the filter should be secured.what brand furnace?most have filter rods or bracket to hold filter in place.if it doesnt have a filter rack its usually because its cheaper and less work for the contractor.

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    It is a Goodman. Every other home I've lived in, the filter was mounted external to the HVAC unit in an easy to reach slot or mount. This unit has no bracket or slots what so ever.

    I agree with your reply, there should be some sort of secure mount.

    see pictures here:

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    goodman furnaces dont come with filter racks you have a builders model furnace.any hvac contractor can easily solve your problem by making a bracket or filter slot.if thats your only return you can install a filter grille.thanks

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    Looks like that furnace is just pulling air in from the other side of the wall but its not sealed. Is it pulling air in from that closet too? That doesnt look good at all to me.
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    "Looks like that furnace is just pulling air in from the other side of the wall but its not sealed. Is it pulling air in from that closet too? That doesnt look good at all to me."

    That is exactly what it's doing. The other side of the wall is the cold air return. The old furnace did seal to it. The new one does not. So yes, air is being pulled from the utility closet and to some extent the cold air return. Even as a layman I know a half assed job when I see it. And this is it. I looked at the new filter they put in, it doesn't even cover the entire opening of the blower. Unfiltered air is being drawn into the furnace.

    I am going to call them this week and demand they fix this. The contractor obviously didn't care and the rental managers never checked the work. If this was my home the HVAC guy would be getting a call from my lawyer.

    Thanks for the comments..

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