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    Just wondering what you guys are using to seal around these components? Here in my area about 80% of the residential units are installed as upflow with the units in a utility closet in the garage. The return is under the slab and the supply is ran using fiber board mains with flex duct branches in the attics. Anyhow, most of the installers are using alum. foil tape to seal around the joints on the furnace, coil, filter and duct in the utility closet. It just doesn't look right having a high dollar system all taped up.

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    try duct sealant or high heat silicone,the foil tape deteriorates over time and looks like a hack installed it.

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    we only use clear silicone on the furnace, coil, & plenums. If we're running round pipe then we'll duct tape the joints with rated tape. If its square duct, we pooky it.
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    Thanks guys, I was also thinking Silicone or RTV would be a good option but was just a little concerned about the vapors that it might produce using it around the furnace. I guess that it must not be an issue.

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    Have not heard it called pooky in years,does that mean i'm getting old

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    Duct sealer here or (pookie) lol

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    Actually I use foil backed hard cast "UL" 181 tape on any component seal. Ducts get rated tape with mastic duct sealer.

    The foil backed hard cast tape when installed properly will never fail and looks very nice. Always use a squeegee with aluminum tape.

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