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    Lurker first time post!

    Hello everyone. Been lurking in the shadows from time to time thought I'd finally say hi.

    What brings me here you ask? Well, currently I work as firefighter. When I first started out as a volunteer years ago, several of the members were in both the HVAC as well as plumbing fields. That eventually lead to me working for one of them as first a shop boy, then eventually a helper in the field. I learned a lot about HVAC, why it never ends well when you date the boss's daughter, and many other things.
    Fast forward several years. At my present assignment, one of my coworkers came from the HVAC field prior to getting on with the fire department. He continued to do HVAC work on the side, on a purely word of mouth basis. He is licensed in the state of Virginia as a HVAC Master Tradesman, insured, and his business is registered with the state. Recently he approached me about helping him expand the business. So far I'm acting as a helper and I'm going to be handling the marketing end of things. I realize I have a LOT to learn, and find this forum to be a great resource. Hopefully over time I can help contribute here.


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    Hi ! I just joined as well. It's been a while (about 6 years) since I been active in the HVAC field so I'm catching up on the new technology. I'm old school on Heat pumps, commercial and residencial applications. Since I'm on the subject; can some one give me a quick update on why the Trane Weathertron wcd 5 ton heat pump has a single directional line drier? A few other systems I seen has one TX valve and a directional Liquid line drier. I can see the flow in heat mode with the single check valve installed and how it would work, but the cool mode flow kinda puzzles me. Been on line looking for the current Heat pump refrigerant flow designs for heat and cool mode with single TX/directional/check valve. Some insight will be appreciated. Once I see it visualize it, I'll be fine. Thanks

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    welcome to both

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