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    Carrier teardowns

    Quote Originally Posted by smith21 View Post
    Have a carrier 19xr with 29,000 hours. At what interval is a teardown recomended?
    The 19XR is very similar to the DK ,especially if it has the older Kingsbury design Thrust assembley just like the D series which Carrier has the 3 year and 6 year inspection in the old green task code book and the new gray one. but that being said

    I've had to teardown some19XR chillers with as little as 18,000 hours that the low speed shaft had already gotten into the bull gear and rotor on the low speed thrust end of the bearings, Most of the ones I've seen damaged this way you can find the alarm history full of surge, high condenser press , and so on.
    Some of the bearingsI've changed seem to have a little copper plating. I would agree about oil analysis, vibration analysis,

    I would also say around 10 years or 25,000 hours for a little preventive maintance even if vibe and oil checks OK I would schedule a teardown and replace all the orings, gaskets and seals including the ones on the fittings and oil heater

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESS CHILL WATER View Post
    Hi Can share with you the complete scope of work for ST1 , ST3 , ST6 this particular code we handling internal when i just work for the factory , let me check with my papers and certanly can share with you .


    Hello Oscar,
    Did you ever get the ST1, ST3, ST6 info from ESS and if you did, can you share it with me?
    I spoke to our local carrier rep about getting a copy of the ST6 to validate the 30k hours/overhaul requirement run time hour interval for our 17FA and 19 FA and he told me it doesnot exist except by word of mouth.
    Thanks for any help on this issue.

    My contact email

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    I'll first start out by saying, like I had in an earlier post on this thread, that I prefer the use of analytical tools (oil analysis, vibration testing).

    Talking to a well respected veteran in the business on the subject once, he asked me "if you went to the doctor for a physical, would you have the doctor check your heart with a stethoscope and some blood work or open your chest up to have a look?"

    .Great analogy for me...

    To answer your question about the ST1,3 and 6 intervals. Carrier's old task books did have recommended bearing inspection intervals such as high speed bearing inspections and the Stop Major (complete compressor diassembly and bearing inspection) on ALL 17/19 series machines, but I haven't seen a Carrier Task book in years...

    It's kinda funny to see now on Carrier's own website that they offer BOTH "predictive services" AND "scheduled comprehensive inspection services"

    I interpret this as talking out of both sides of their mouth...

    But maybe some would see it as good business practice. Let the customer decide kind of thing...

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    Hi ESS, if you could i'd like to keep a copy about those docs, if you could share, I'll really appreciate follow my
    Best regrads

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