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Have a carrier 19xr with 29,000 hours. At what interval is a teardown recomended?
The 19XR is very similar to the DK ,especially if it has the older Kingsbury design Thrust assembley just like the D series which Carrier has the 3 year and 6 year inspection in the old green task code book and the new gray one. but that being said

I've had to teardown some19XR chillers with as little as 18,000 hours that the low speed shaft had already gotten into the bull gear and rotor on the low speed thrust end of the bearings, Most of the ones I've seen damaged this way you can find the alarm history full of surge, high condenser press , and so on.
Some of the bearingsI've changed seem to have a little copper plating. I would agree about oil analysis, vibration analysis,

I would also say around 10 years or 25,000 hours for a little preventive maintance even if vibe and oil checks OK I would schedule a teardown and replace all the orings, gaskets and seals including the ones on the fittings and oil heater