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    Did a search, but "Honeywell Thermostat" returns a lot

    Anyway, I've got a 3-zone (2 active at the moment) Waterfurnace system with 3 Honeywell TA32H03 (based on stock Honeywell T8611M) stats. I've noticed a tendency of the stats to keep calling for heat well after the setpoint. For example, today the 1st floor zone was reading 72, with a setpoint of 70. And it just kept chugging.

    I know these models read both wall and room temperature, which is the only possible reason (other than outright defective unit) I can think of for it to keep calling after it's satisfied. Which would indicate that the display temp is different than whatever the composite value is for both readings.

    I doubt that it's an anti short-cycle issue either, as the temp doesn't fluctuate that rapidly, that much.

    Anyone with experience with this model notice anything fishy?

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    We had a T8611G for years at the office. Once in a while it would shoot up a degree or 2 like you describe. My guess is time to replace if it gets annoying.

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    Yeah, but it's only 6 mths old - new house.

    In fact, it's the latest in few quarks. Or quirks. I think the other one is a subatomic particle, or something.

    I'm starting to feel kinda bad for the contractor, as so far nothing has been his fault. So I thought I'd poke around a bit before I call him.

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