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Thread: The Trade

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    The Trade

    A preacher is riding down the road on his bike when he sees a little boy pushing a lawn mower. The preacher stops and asks the boy where he is going. The boy replies that he is looking for something to trade for his lawn mower. The preacher says, "Well it just so happens that I need a lawn mower, would you trade it for this bike?" The boy replies sure and they make the trade and the boy rides off. The preacher tries to start the mower and it won't start so he yells, "Hey kid, how do you start this mower?" The kid yells back, "You have to swear at it." The preacher says, "My son, its been so long since I cursed, I don't think I even remember the words". The boy says, "Keep yanking on that cord, it'll come back to you".

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    Haha. It does seem to be that way sometimes, just when you are about to give up it will end up working.

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    I try to reserve my best for that last attempt....

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