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    May 2006
    OK, This is it!!
    Working on 10 Story Hi-Rise with A#* Hole Roorfes. They Took a Dump in Copper fitting Box and when my Helper Opened it !! What a Surprise. So he waited a Couple of Days and Screwed all the Port-O-Let doors Closed, Then Put a Whole Bottle of VISINE in their very Guarded Water KEG! This was The beginning of the End. The Job site was Closed Immediately and Investigation began. One guy in Hosp. The rest with the runs for Days. They Never found out it was My Helper.

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    How about making chocolates with Ex-lax and then covering the toilet bowl just under the toilet seat with a tight piece of saran wrap.

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    I was on a jobsite as a green helper. It was in the middle of winter... riding up on the construction elevator this electrician foreman made a comment about my green army coat and something about stupid pipefitters.... I told him: "Nice Carhart coat, Sir. I used to wear one like that untill my Father got a job". After that he was pretty nice to me.... Had a large 400 lb plumber on the job that ran his mouth a lot.... one of his helpers took the toilet paper out of the port a potty... that was on the floor he was working on, and that he regularly visted... He was funny; coming out of the port a potty with his pants around his knees looking for something to wipe himself up with....lots of cat calls and whistles....

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    back in vocational school, [ok 2 years back] this kid thought he was somethin always running his mouth while the teach was trying to teach. kid finally pissed off the teach while we were learning about the pittsburgh and the machine that makes them. the quote that i remember so well which brings a smile to my face every time i think of it [which also made the show off kid so pissed he couldnt say a thing]


    now we all know as to what it was referred. teach said it like it came from the book and never once stopped, kept on teachin!!!

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    a dime fits perfectly in a 1/2 inch conduit connector...not that I have ever done it, but I've seen it done to electricians that were jerks. I make it a point to get to know all trades when starting a new house to let them know what I need and find out what they need...makes for a very peaceful coexistance.

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    Naw....bust the floor flange for the water closet, mix up real soupie concrete, and let the good time roll.
    Had a turd hurder once, cut all my refrer lines, and put rotten egg's in "RAG', all because I put my AH in the corner, wear he wanted to put the hot water heater.

    PAY BACKS ARE A *****
    Refrigeration...Finding the Wright Wrench to pound in the correct..Screw

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    Our crew and the mud monkey's were going back and forth just talking **** an joking around..Until they moved acouple of are units to a different floor in a back room..HAHA that was a good one..But we got them back..We took a 10ft peice of hanging strap an hung there work radio down an elevater shaft..You know those monkey's don't carry any real tools..So it hung there for they rest of the day untill they borrowed some snips from somebody..

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    In a freezer or in an attic somewhere


    As wronge as it seems.
    There was a job were we had a a$$ hole superintendent. A guy working with us decideded to make a small pipe bomb. The a$$ hole went into the port a john at the end of the day, and where did you think the pipe went? BLEW OUW, the super was not only wet with P/S, but blue with the stuff.. HAHA

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    Quote Originally Posted by TB View Post
    Drill a squirt hole in the top of his toilet plunger.
    I can't breathe I am laughing so hard. Good one.

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    Montgomery, NY

    If you live in a cold climate

    You can take a portable air tank, undo the valve, put about a gallon of water in it, recharge it with air. Then go to the a**holes truck and turn it upside down donating him about a quart of water. When its warm it wont do a thing but when the cold weather comes and it freezes he has a tire with a 2lb weight on one side. It will shake the crust from him drawers for sure.Dont get mad but do get even.

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    Anytime someone just cuts our work out without talking things over there is a bill for an add to the job sent & an explanationas to why.
    Most guys are easy to get along with after they find out back charges from the general are coming thier way for being a jerk.

    My favorite was the guys at the shipyard.This guy was a real a-hole & went on vacation.while he was gone someone took a self tapping grease zirc,threaded it to the middle of his tool box & filled it until grease came out the front.
    Take your time & do it right!

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    At one of my former employers, one of our electricians and one of our HVAC service techs got into a "prank" war, each trying to outdo the other. fortunately they left the rest of us alone, mostly.
    It was the usual stuff, chocolate bars smeared under the door handles, cheese left under the floor mats, radios up really loud, windshield wipers turned on, AC on and heat slide to HOT, silicone in the door gaps, wipers glued to the windshield w/ epoxy.
    I gave a bottle of TINKS 69 to the HVAC tech to use on the electrician. He got stupid and left the bottle in plain site of everybody in his truck. The electrician was doing one of his pranks and found the bottle. He dumped ALL OF IT into the AC vents , got more and sprayed it all over the cab.
    I had to ride with this tech one day afterward and I did, kept my head hanging out the window the whole time and never covertly participated in any of these shenanigans again.
    Besides, the boss had had enough and put a stop to it. Anymore and the guilty parties, pranker and victim would be fired right then and there! The pranks stopped.
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” —Albert Einstein

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    If that was the same plumber on both those jobs, he needs a fist to his face. I can be a nice guy, but only to a point. I wouldn't screw up anything to ruin it for the building owner. but I would definitely make my point to that ahole plumber.

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