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    Does anyone know what the R-value of some of the more common masonary blocks such as brick, cobblestone, cement block, etc. would be?

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    I would guess like .1 or .2 or next to nothing,

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    I have some figures out of Modern Refrigeration and air Conditioning.
    A 4" concrete block is R 1.11
    8" thick plain brick w/ 1/2" wallboard -R 3.51.
    Brick venner is .39.
    A 4" concrete floor is 1.54
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    Common brick is .20(r) per inch. Face brick is .11 (r) per inch. Density (lb. per cu.ft.)Common 120. Face 130.
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    So ther than being a good wind block, they are worthless for insulating,

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    Concrete is the same right?

    It takes 12' of concrete to have the same r-value as 1" of wood. Basically none. Brick and stone is a great heat absorber [ever walk by a brick wall in the sun when it's cold out? bricks are warm] not insulator.
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