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    You stated that your super heat was low or non existent, that being the case you better get that up or you'll slug and destroy the compressor. I had similar problems on a case like yours so I installed an accumulator for insurance.

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    Patience is key for setting a pressure control, but once u get them dialed in they are very reliable. Start with case down to temperature and off. Set cut in first by letting case warm to temperature that you want as your cut in, adjust screw on cut in until unit starts. Then let unit run down to within a coulple degrees of where you want it to cut out and then turn the other screw on the control until it stops. Most units will drop another degree or so after they shut down. Note your cut in and cut out pressures then let it run for awhile (Day or so) and check it again.

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    Thanks to all for the help. I didn't have the settings on the responses right, so I didn't know I was getting my posts answered.
    Seems that once the pressure was dialed in and the case reached temp, it took very little tweaking to get it running right.

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