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    GTI 6000 GDV Propane to NG Conversion

    I am working in a townhome development that is just getting NG Service. We are installing new NG HWH's etc and have been asked by a few home owners about connecting / converting their fireplaces to NG. Currently all are running on propane.
    The units are GTI 6000 GDV some with fans some not. They were installed in 1993. What parts +/or kit are needed to convert these if at all possible. A resource for these parts would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Did you try contacting heat & glow i believe they started GTI. Ask them if they have a part number for a propane to gas conversion kit. GTI is now longer in business.

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    Supply the exact model and serial #'s to your local FireSide Hearth & Home in York, Pa. They can provide factory OEM conversion kits. Some of those old units just required new burner and pilot orifices, pressure regulator and adjust the air shutter setting while some units require a whole new burner. Look for the 4 digit mfg date code, too.


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    I'm pretty sure GTI was bought out by Heatilator/Heat'N'Glo many years ago. You could try contacting them but its unlikely they have conversions for product that old.

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