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Thread: no heat

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    sorry for the posting on pro ,i`m new.but my furnace still ain`t ignites and fires for 5 sec.then shuts down i beleive the flame sensor is in the igniter but i replaced it about three months ago.Any help ?

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    I don't know
    Call a technician.

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    sure, please read site rules then call your local hvac contractor.we dont do service calls online.thanks

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    Unfortunately, due to site rules we as members can not discuss technical issues with the general public.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Beings this is your third post on this same issue, TODAY!

    Rule # 10

    Do not double post or bump

    Choose the correct category or section for your thread and put it in only one category. Also, if your thread has not received any new posts lately it will slide down the list, so be it. Do not post a reply just to bump it up the list.

    Use the original thread...

    As this thread is now closed!

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