My family and I are relocating to the cypress area of houston and I am looking for information on commercial hvac jobs there.
I have 11+ years of experience working on hvac systems, up to maybe 300 tons. I don't work on low pressure systems. I work on custom built up systems primarily, screw compressors, etc. I do custom programming of ddc control systems, all of my buildings that I currently work on are large ddc controlled systems from varying manufacturers. I have the reputation of being the go to guy and am currently at the top of the tech pile here. I have the attitude that I can work on anything and can figure out anything and so far I have not let anyone down.
I hold the hvac nate certification, certificate from del mar college in hvac tech and have had factory johnson controls metasys training in unt's, dx's, and nae's. I can do ground up custom retrofits of older control systems with the johnson products. I work on alc,robertshaw dms with signal front ends, asi, metasys, and tracer summit. If I can get ahold of the software I can pretty much work on it. I do mostly the metasys but I can also work my way through additions in most of the other systems and especially summit.
I know that I can't expect to get anywhere near what I make now here in CA, but I would think that I can get in at the top level of a good quality complany there and fit in nicely. I'm still a little ways out in the looking process, probably 8-12 months as we're building a home there. Anyways, if anyone is interested feel free to email me at and I'll be in the area next week 1/28 to 2/3.