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    Thumbs up you guys ever see this?

    During this summer i went to a call saying that the line was freezing up, i of coarse went thinking it must be the suction line. NOPE it was the liquid line. it was fairly obvious problem though on the account of it was freezing on the out let of the filter drier, i believe the unit was a Goodman and had the spun type of filter drier inside the condensing unit factory installed. any way cut it out replaced with an 083. system worked perfect. its my first year doing this so i thought it was probably a rare thing to happen.
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    Not so uncommon, Any pressure dropfrom a restriction will be easily found from a temp drop or pressure drop. You got lucky and it was an easy one

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    See my thread in the WOS entitled "Barking Compressor" that was an example of what youre talking about.
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    I had a brand new (within 6 month old) Carrier Rooftop package unit with a plugged filter drier. Replaced it and it works great now!

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    It is nice that they are easy to find.....
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    So many manufacturers use crappy and undersized filter and/or driers. Granted, if the system is put together right and clean, it shouldn't matter. But as most of us have found out, that seems to rarely be the case.

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    I see this on systems installed by the local plumbing contractor. They have a plugged filter drier and soft soldered linesets. Usually they are not so plugged that they Ice up though - that is pretty extreme.
    Hmmmm....smells like numbatwo to me.

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    not so rare thats why you look inside unit for factory installed driers .takes a few minutes longer. saves a call back and a frustrated customer.

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    You have a se5mi common call, that has made me a lot of money over the years.
    In my area 99.5% of the contractors would just add a few more pound of refrigerant.
    The idea of actually disassembling the condenser and removing the mini dryer, seems to be beyond their metal capacities.

    Last month I removed a 5 cu in dryer from a York RTU, and 10 extra pounds of R-22.
    The installer said the unit was a defective lemon (his words on invoice), and recommended replacing the entire unit. This is what I call a CHA-CHING call.

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