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    Originally posted by bpink21901
    I'm a little leery of your offer....fix the thermostat controls....or....a brick upside my head....both will make the hum go away and I'm not sure which solution you would be inclined to try.....LOL
    I love it. A Home owner that got screwed and can still laugh. Good for you.

    Do as beenthere said. Call this clown back and make him install an isolation relay. No Charge.

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    nah....I'm done with automation....I'll stay in manual mode.
    If I drink enough beer before bedtime i'll be up in two hours to take a leak anyway so I can switch the fan off then!

    Thanks for the input everyone.

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    Too late now, but a vision pro th8321 stat for your main stat can be set to automatically run the fan, every 20 minutes.

    You wouldn't need that second stat then.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Originally posted by bpink21901

    There is only one system .

    missed that part

    just move the thermostat

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