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    I need to determine the approximate wire size used in a space heating element (my ancient heat pump). I estimate the length of the coiled element to be approximately 35 inches. The coil is U-shaped with a spacing of 5 inches. The input voltage/current is 240VAC at 50 Amps. The cold resistance is between 10 and 11 ohms on the 3 elements still intact. My best SWAG is #26 but I could be way off base.

    Yup, I know I could take the elements out and measure everything, but that would be WAY too easy. Hopefully one of the HVAC experts out there can provide some input??


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    A. Thats not wire.

    B. Have a contractor come and fix your back up heat for you.
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    Thumbs down Way Off Base = Burn

    Originally posted by ftb
    My best SWAG is #26 but I could be way off base.

    Hopefully one of the HVAC experts out there can provide some input??
    IF you create a hazard adn burn your house down
    you won't get any in$urance
    now that you notified of your DIY intent to
    ' save a penny, and burn a few $100k'.
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    say it ain't I dreaming or am I imagining what I just read from the it is to early for this

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    if you're getting those ohm readings then there's no need to replace the elements. Have someone come and fix it for you.

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