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    I am about to install American Standard AUD1C100A948-1A, am wondering which website has its specifications. Tried, no luck.

    For a 3400sf daylight rambler, is this a proper size? I got 4 quotes from 4 different contractors, each gives different size. Your opinion will be highly appreciated.


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    AU - upflow/horizontal
    D - induced draft
    100 - 100k BTU
    C - single stage
    9 - natural gas, 115v AC
    48 - 4 ton blower

    Thats all I can remember off the top of my head about that unit from the numbers given.

    No way to tell if it's properly sized with out doing a load calculation. They shouldn't be bidding installing a unit with out doing a load calc either. There might be some small difference in size between different companies, but not much if they did the load calc properly. You can do one yourself, look at the top of the page for the red tab, HVAC Calc. That should give you plenty of info once you're done to know if they sized it properly or not.

    It also depends greatly on where you live. In my area that unit would likely be too small for that big of a house.
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    If you want to know if thats the right size furnace, go to the above link.
    Contractor locator map


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    Details are pathetic

    New home?

    Replacing an old furnace?

    Right size for what? The existing duct system?

    Right size for the house?

    Right size to keep you what temp?

    Man this is a mess.
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    I can use three different programs or methods of sizing a system and all three will render a different result, however each should be within about 3k sens btu.

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