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    I currently have been slapping band aids on my 20+ yr old 2 1/2 ton snyder H.P. I was just wondering if anyone had any recomendations for replacement. It is for a 2 story house with a finished(heated and cooled) basement not sure on the square footage w/o checking but my current 2.5 ton unit does ok. I appreciate some info and appoligize for not having any more specs for u.

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    I'm too lazy to type much, see my advice page

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    Start calling all your friends and people that you know.
    Ask them about contractors that installed their system
    or are servicing their system.
    Pick 3 best rated contractors. Call them for estimate.
    Come back with their recommendations and I am
    sure that you will get many opinions about whom to chouse.
    Remember the old saying: “It is not the make of equipment.
    It is a quality of installation that really matters.”
    I see that John gave you very good reading material.
    Use this knowlage to ask your recommended contractor questions about changind your system.

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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    I'm too lazy to type much, see my advice page
    Good Advice Baldloonie

    Click on the red tab above and do your own heat load/loss calculation. The figures used to size equipment 20+ years ago just doesn’t work with to days equipment. ( Has insulation been added, Windows upgraded, Leaks sealed).

    Call 3 contractors and inform them that you want a Manual “J” done for proper sizing. If they wont do it then don’t waste your time.

    Post back with your findings.

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    Thank you for some advise I apreciate the effort

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