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    nova sit 820 lp gas valve HELP?!!

    Replaced an old honeywell millivolt valve in a majestic gas log fireplace. turned knob on sit 820 valve to pilot - hit igniter- and pilot innstantly lights and stays on - do not have to hold in the knob and wait mfor warm up. thermocouple has a vent safety on it when disconnected or shorted it does not extinguish the pilot. AND FINNALLY knob is turned to on - no burner- but when knob is pushed in (as in lighting the pilot) burner comes right up! I can hear the saftey magnet click when i jump thtp to th so I know its working. I have clumps of hair falling from my head from aggravation!!

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    You really need to call a pro before you hurt yourself.
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    I agree. Too many potential issues here. You need a professional.

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