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    I,m looking to work in Iraq for Halliburton, if you have worked there, please post, i would like to know the working conditions there and pay.
    Is it worth it
    Just Do it !!!

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    Read some of Robos post on haliburton and I'm sure you will decide to quit thinking about it.

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    From what I heard, you work 12 hr shifts and after I did the math of the total amount made in a year it actually breaks down to about $18/hr. Hell I could take a cut in pay, stay here and not get my ass shot off! Oh yeah and you do not get to be armed with any kind of weapon. Screw That!

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    There was a recent job where my old company was asked to do some work in Iraq fitting out switchrooms.

    There were told

    "One thing we can promise is that you WILL be shot at. One thing we can't promise is that they will MISS..."

    Funnily enough although the price was eyewateringly attractive it was turned down..



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    Speaking of something I personally know about:
    I have a contract with the US Marines.
    I have 3 technicians in Iraq right now. 1 has been there 1 year, and wants to stay another year. The other 2 have been there 6 months or less.
    I have been there 6 times, 1-2 weeks at a time.
    The employee I have there for 2 years, will be able to retire when he returns to the states at a pay of apprx. 30K a year, IF, his investments work out like he wants them to.

    My techs are actually assigned to the Marine unit to which they do work for. No Haliburton, Seimens, or Honeywell, the big 3 there, so they are very well compensated. They are not shot at, and are not allowed to carry weapons. If, they have to leave the Marine compound of where they are at, it is under Marine armed escort, which doesn't mean a hill of beans.
    Pay for anything there is good, some better than others. The main most important thing, if you are thinking about going there is of course the money you can make, is taxes. You must be out of the continental US for a period of 335 days to receive any money you receive for Iraq duty, tax free. This, no one tells you about, and is a big plus. You need to see a tax attorney for this, to get it set up correctly. Trust me , Uncle Sam wants his money, so if you want that extra money, tax free status, be sure you are correct in what you do, and your days off of US soil.
    As for other companies operating in Iraq, and what I see.
    1. They do not tell you everything.
    2. OK, you get your base pay, out of that, they take out rent, food, and in some instances, I've seen travel to and from Iraq taken out of the persons pay.
    3. These companies, some, do not have a contract with any certain US fighting force there, so, you are on your own. There are 2 ways the US civilian population lives there.
    1. You are on your own. You live on the economy and no protection, you live in a for instance, a Bagdad rental, payable to a Iraqi citizen. And I stress, no protection.
    2. Or, you live on one of the many contractor, whether US or another nationality, camp, tent or concrete, wood, hut. With this, you are charged rent, food, etc. Unless your contract states otherwise. Again. no US military guards guarding any gate, etc.
    3. There are some camps, that have civilian contractors living in them, and from what "I hear" are pretty expensive for the person staying there.
    One thing I must stress, NO WEAPONS allowed, period. The penalty, if caught, and you do NOT have authority to carry a firearm, is arrest by "IRAQI" authorities......
    As for pay, I have seen it run approx. 10K a month. If you get the tax free status, it is better.
    But, as a poster stated earlier, some can make that here.

    Roboteq and I meant in person last month, and we talked about this. If you are even thinking of working for Haliburton, TALK TO HIM.

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    if you want a good job in Iraq, try to get one with a government contractor. If you keep looking you can find the right company that will pay you $80,000 for one year. I was in the military, and had a couple of government contractors call me to offer me an $80,000 dollar job for one year. I forget the name of the company. Try KBR, I think they do some of the work there.

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    I looked into KBR

    Pay worked out to more like $70,000 and that's not guaranteed. Plus you wait around Houston for up to a couple weeks not getting paid, between that and pay delays, be prepared not to get paid for at least a month. You're liable to have to pay more than alloted for travel, mandatory insurance coverage of $105/month. It was not really more than Im making now plus my family would lose my services for a year, plus risks of death, injury and disease. They said they had 75 deaths out of 40,000 since they began, but I have no figures on injuries or illnesses. 70,000 is based on "overtime" paid at 14.90/hour for 7 x 12 hour days which are not guaranteed. Base pay works out to 2583.00 per month. I kind of wanted to do it just to say I did it, but cant justify the hardship to wife and kids plus the risks both monetary and physical. If you're single maybe go for it.
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    don't do it

    I just got out of the joint forces and I was an HVAC Tech in the Air Force(deployed to IRAQ). It is not worth it. The weather conditions, the danger, and the attitudes of everyone over there is enough to make you go crazy. If I was you and was looking for an oversea job I would look in to working at one of the embassy's. If you want PAE is the company that finds the techs to work there and if you have a wife and kids they can go to. There are sign on bonuses and contract competion bonuses. Housing and utilities are free. You get 30 days vac and a plane ticket back to the states. Great oppertunity.

    Here is a link of some info:

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    A guy I worked with went over there, came home for 6 mos. or so and went back. I guess he liked it or was just a glutton. If you go good luck and tell Ray Boy the guys say,hey!
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    Thanks for responce

    this is the responce i was looking for, and the job is basicaly the one i was looking for because i like the money but how do i locate a job like this. if you know, my e-mail is
    Just Do it !!!

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