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    Originally posted by woowoo
    I would go with a 90% furnace.
    I see nothing to indicate that gas prices will be going down.

    ditto...or duel fuel

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    Originally posted by wyounger
    Gay people need furnaces too.
    Let them rub two sticks together.

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    Go high efficient!! It'll be a selling point when it comes time to sell.

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    Have to agree with the 90%. If you go with that you make it more saleable being its as efficant as you can get other then with VS. If its been a peron with an 80% furnace they may realize its really bottom of the line anymore. just look at it if you stay their any amount of time you wont even be paying $350 more being you will be saving that . What if you end up being there 10 years.... then was that a very smart choice?

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    Hang in there were just trying to do some weeding out thats why were brutal. We will only be brutal for a year or so. Thanks

    one more thing I still think you would like livin in a trailer

    Just kiddin

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