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    Hmm Thermostat Querie

    If a H/W Vision Pro Thermostat loses the remote indoor temp sensor, what happens to the display?? The screen was locked and was reading 72 degrees with a set point of 72 degrees. There was an old style sensor (the gold toned type) which I believe is obsolete and not compatible with the TH8320U1011. Removing the cover, expected top find the new style 10K "mini-sensor" since it will fit that old housing if the situation dictates leaving the existing. However, there was no sensor, just the two wire cable....???
    Checking the configuration menu, option 3 was programmed i.e., tell the software to look outbound for the remote sense indoor temp. When the tstat was removed from the wall plate, three dashes appeared on the screen in place of the sensed temp. H/W explained that if this happened,(a communication loss with a remote sense) a error code would appear..??/, Didn't know that the device has that capability and cannot find that explanation in the documentation. I would have thought that the tstat would default to local sense or something along those lines. I installed a new remote.

    Does anyone in the community, know how the thermostat will respond to a loss of communication with a remote indoor temp sensor with a locked screen ??? Thank-you.

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    Does it work with the new remote? If so, I wouldn't worry about it.
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