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    While partaking of some fine Scotch contemplating te effects of the elements a grotesque bug popped up from the ground, it began to speak" my name is James and dont post any more stupid crap on the internet". I propmtly stepped on it with my foot. Proving without a dout that evolution exists yet man has the ultimate say in what thrives and what is extinct.

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    Must'a been somethin' really special in yer Scotch. Ya might wanna get yer money back on it.
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    A talking insect would be quite an interesting mutation in the natural process of evolution.

    • Electricity makes refrigeration happen.
    • Refrigeration makes the HVAC psychrometric process happen.
    • HVAC pyschrometrics is what makes indoor human comfort happen...IF the ducts AND the building envelope cooperate.

    A building is NOT beautiful unless it is also comfortable.

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    Ya shoulda listened to James.
    "The problem is the average person isn’t tuned in to lifelong learning, or going to seminars and so forth. If the information is not on television, and it’s not in the movies they watch, and it’s not in the few books that they buy, they don’t get it" - Jack Canfield

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