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Thread: new to hvac

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    hey everyone im new here. i gratuated from college about 3 yrs ago for hvac and couldnt get a job in it because every company wants people w/ 2-5 yrs exp. but how are you supposed to get that if no one hires!! but now im thinkin about trying to get into it to start a career so im wondering if anyone has any sugestions of where to get started. im just scared to do it because before i worked for 3 different companies for 3-4 months each and i cant afford to take that risk now.

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    any sugestions of where to get started.

    In the right colum of this page there is a link to HVAC agent . They are a job service for this trade and they may be able to help

    but you are the guy/or gal that has to go out and sell youself. there are alot of good companies out there and they are all aware of that first job...just dont give up and if you are a good hard worker / drug free and honest you will find someone

    and welcome to hvac talk

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    What have you been doing during the three years since you finished school?

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    hey thanks ct ill check that out...ive been workin for an auto glass company. driving all over doin that stuff

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