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    Confused Newbie from NB, Canada

    Hello guys from Canada...Far from being a pro...I need to understand more for my line of work...Electrician at a manufacturing plant...Got some issues here

    I hope I can get some knowledge here...

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    uh oh, what are you working on?

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    As an industrial electrician, I am called upon to look at and do some basic maintenance on our HVAC system. The question I am having is probably a no brainer for most but I’m very new to the HVAC scene. I have a DP transmitter in a room with ports marked HI and Low, we want to monitor the room pressure to maintain positive pressure through PID control and an exhaust fan. My concern is what line goes where? Should the HI side be vented to the atmosphere and the Low to the room itself or vice versa...? Thanks for any help...

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    If you want the room to be positive, then that's your higher pressure and therefore would connect to the HI port, your low would be the pressure outside the room.

    Is this to prevent the infiltration of dust?

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    Welcome EH!
    Never give up; Never surrender!

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    Thanks for the help and input...this makes sense after thinking about it. What would it be measuring the other way...negative pressure of the room? If the the Hi side is vented to the room and Low side to outside...showing -8 pa...does this mean the room has a negative pressure compared to outside. Now if low is opened to the room and the Hi is oped to the outside...gets a reading of 8, what is this telling me...(other than I need help...)

    ...Trouble Time...EH back at ya...

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