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    Confused Trane RTAC and CGAM chillers

    Does anyone know if Trane CGAM or RTAC model air cooled chillers can be retrofitted with ice making equipment for a thermal storage application? Have several of these chillers that were not purchased with the ice making option and we are now considering thermal storage. Is there a retrofit kit? Part #? Is it hardware and software?

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    yes, there is no kit . the ch530 holds all setpoints for ice build mode. don't forget glycol
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    Both of those chillers will accept a contact closure ice making input, or you can put them into ice mode with software using BacNet, Lon, or Tracer. Just don't expect your 10 degree, 200 ton machine to still be a 10 degree, 200 ton machine when you start pumping a >25% glycol solution through it. You have to make sure your pumps are sized correctly, as well. The pumping requirements and characteristics of glycol are different than plain water.

    In most cases, if the machines are relatively new and you contact the factory, they can run a re-selection on the chiller, which will tell you how your chiller will perform on ice making duty.
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