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    Wondering do you have to use a timer for defrost on a new system or are they built in, I know the old systems have them. I am puting in a climate control LSC 208 with a Tecumseh Condensing Unit all brand new. Haven't realy done much with this setup. If anyone has any good ref. books or sites i wouold like to here about them. The climate control is air defrost. How does the air defrost work? Does the timer shut down the compresser for a hour? BTW this is going in a 12'x27' walkin cooler, old system has about died, have it running for now till the customer decides what to do. Thanks

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    You've been told in other posts about this so I'll give you a link to it.
    This book
    I understand everyone needs money and people think this biz is easy but you are doing your "customer" a dis-service by touching their equipment. They get what they pay for though.

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    one of the best installation guides in the industry
    is in the box of the LSC 208, though most throw it
    away, the smart ones keep it.

    unless you specified it, clock not included

    recommendations: guide in the box has them

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    Open the electrical box on the condensing unit.
    If you see a timer in there, use it.
    If not, install one - unless the condensing unit sits in a conditioned space and you plan on using the pressure control as a means of maintaining temperature and defrost.
    As far as air defrost - it works good in the application you have described.
    "The problem is the average person isnt tuned in to lifelong learning, or going to seminars and so forth. If the information is not on television, and its not in the movies they watch, and its not in the few books that they buy, they dont get it" - Jack Canfield

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    I agree........

    Originally posted by rocket
    one of the best installation guides in the industry
    is in the box of the LSC 208.
    The Heatcraft's Installation & Operation Manual is also available for download here if you've already tossed out the one in the box.

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    i put a defrost on all coolers for at least one time period per day .. even though space temp doesnt get extremely low .. always good in my eyes.. but hey who am i ... u say " Does the timer shut down the compressor " yea but better to de energize the solenoid for pump down, ASSuming & hoping thats what the system is .. ....IIIIIII got a feeeeeeeeling, Pittsburghs goin to the Suuper bowl, IIIIIII got a feeeeeeeeling, Pittsburghs goin to the Suuper bowl .. come on all sing with me

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