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    I am currently a service technician for Trane in Milwaukee Wisconsin, who would like to move to Florida. What I would like to know is if i can test into the union down there like we could up here. For example; you take a series of tests and they place you accordingly, first year apprentice or fourth year apprentice with wages corresponding. Also, What the pay and benefits are like down there Union or Non-Union. Any help would be much appreciated --------------------Thanks

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    What part of Florida are you looking at. I'm out of Orlando-Local 803.You can test in no problem. Its an application process and one test. There are some good companies here and I would think you wouldn't have to much trouble getting a job. Have you looked at relocating with Trane. Trane here is pretty good to work for even though they are non-union. Our union scale is right at $21/hr plus bennies.Depending on experience it is a starting point or maybe a little lower an then attend 4th and 5th year classes and then get scale. There is definetely room to go above that-depending on what company you work for.Of course some companies pay more than others.
    I would recommend checking into Trane here. I can get some contact info together if you when you are ready.

    Good Luck.

    By the way- its 75 deg and sunshine right now.

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    Jacksonville journeyman gets $22.65/hour (scale) and bennies. Testing all depends on what contractor you apply for.

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    Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it. Right now our union scale is 31.50 per hour plus roughly 4 per hour into pension and 7 per hour into health insurance. Sounds like alot into health but they help us out when we retire. I am not sure where in florida yet (Any suggestions would be appreciated more than you know)I just dont want to freeze on a rooftop anymore. I'm looking to move next year and hope to start lining stuff up now. I've seen ads for non-union companies down there paying like 25 plus benefits sounds better than union ??? but maybe you guys know something I don't. Again any help is great to have and thanks again. By the way, What do you have to do to test into the union ?

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