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Actually, there is no time frame for raising a lb of water 1*F.

1 Btu is simply the quantity of heat necessary to accomplish that increase in temperature, regardless of the time it takes.

1 Ton is the amount of heat transfer necessary to convert 1 ton of water at 32*F to 1 ton of ice at 32*F, in a 24 hr period.

One Ton = 12,000 Btu/hr
Looks like a lot of people forgot what they were taught in (HVAC) School?

The Match is just an example. It's not set in stone (because not all matches are the same). Like "bunny" says... No exactly what "bunny" says.

Did you forget Latent and Specific Heat too?

1 lb to water (at 32 degrees) to ice, 144 btus of cooling.

I can understand us older guys forgetting it but for a New Tech... something is wrong. (Maybe no school?)