A man picks up a prostitute on the street and they go into her room. The man sits on the bed and removes his shoes and socks. The prostitute looks at this toes which are all twisted and knurled and comments “what is wrong with your toes”.

The man replies “I had Scarlet Fever when I was a child, it strikes you in the extremities you know.”

Next the man removes his pants and the prostitute looks at his knees. His knees were all swollen looking, wrinkled like a prune and bent inwards. The prostitute comments “good lord, what’s wrong with your knees?”

The man replies,” Well, I had Measles when I was a child. It leaves scars you know.”

Next, the man removes his underwear to which the prostitute comments “OMG, you had everything as a kid, you even had Smallpox”.